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Gateway Therapies is located in the historic Thiensville Mill Building. Please use the side entrance and wait in the lobby where we will greet you.

Please note there are two small sets of stairs inside the building, as it does not have an elevator due to its age. If stairs are a challenge, we offer home visits by appointment only. To schedule a home visit, please call or text (414) 305-8946 or email us at

During Treatment:

  • Complete a brief health history form.

  • Wear comfortable clothing and remove belts and shoes.

  • Treatment primarily involves lying on your back or occasionally on your stomach.

  • Adjustments are available for pregnant individuals or those unable to lie on their back or stomach.

  • Your comfort is our priority; please inform us of any discomfort so adjustments can be made.

After Treatment:


  • Drink extra water.

  • Refrain from strenuous exercise or additional activities for 2 days.

  • Avoid moving heavy furniture or starting new exercise programs.

  • Postpone chiropractic treatments, massage, and acupuncture for 2 weeks following treatment.

  • Many clients experience symptom improvement for several days to weeks after just one session.

  • Symptoms typically decrease in both frequency and severity after each subsequent treatment.

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