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Alyssa Kristine

“I was very sick when I first met Sally.  I was experiencing low blood pressure, tachycardia, syncope episodes, migraines, and severe GI issues on a daily basis.  I had been through so many tests and seen numerous specialists with no real answers, and then a friend introduced me to Sally. 


After one treatment I was able to stand up without getting dizzy for the first time in 2 years.  After being treated regularly nearly all of my symptoms had resolved and I was functioning normally again.  Today, years after meeting Sally, I am symptom free.  Sally and her expertise saved my life."

Kyrie Lizik

“First of all, if you are reading this review, you are in the right place for dramatic healing. Fascial counterstrain is a game changer in the field of Chronic Pain.  It’s based on Osteopathic principles that have been used to treat pain for decades. I have dramatic relief from my chronic pain problems because of my FC treatments. Bethany Graesslin DPT is a consummate healer. 


Even before my first treatment began, sitting in her presence,  my nervous system responded with a deeper relaxation.  Her temperament is kind, and concerned for your needs. She is open to listening to you and you feel heard by her. Her therapeutic touch is sensitive, intelligent, precise.Her confident and very capable hands have been a blessing to me.  Because of being under Bethany’s care,  my stagnant and chronic pain began to release in ways I did not think were possible. 


I feel freedom in my body again, where before meeting Bethany I felt like I was in a cage. She has restored not only physical freedom and pain relief but my hope for my future with less pain or no pain. Because of Bethany’s treatments I am happy to be in my body again.  She is a therapist and person that you will always feel blessed to have met.  For context I am an acupuncturist and massage therapist who has tried many different treatments and therapists. “

Kristen A.

“I had dull pain in my hand and sharp pain in my thumb that I worried could be arthritis. The pain was not only distracting, but interfered with my day to day activities like texting, writing, and holding a fork to eat. I was apprehensive of this treatment at first, but Rachel was knowledgeable and professional addressing all of my questions and concerns. I felt relief after one treatment and felt supported by Rachel’s aftercare instructions. I avoided needing to wear a supportive brace and even a month later, my hand feels great. I highly recommend meeting and exploring treatment with Rachel.”

Kaelee Pietrini

"Gateway Therapies has given me hope in my body.  I'm a part of several different types of therapy, but when I started therapy with Sally things started to improve, not just maintained.  I'm so moved by the difference therapy has made in my life.  I've referred Sally to strangers, friends and family.  No one has regretted it, instead they have been shocked by how helpful and life giving her therapy has been." 

Sabine Bargenquast

"This is a five star review for Gateway Therapy's counterstrain physical therapy services.  I have seen Sally since she first started treating patients using this gentle technique.  I will definitely be back in the future.  100% recommend!

Becky C.

“I have a neck injury from a car accident that happened several years ago.  I have been to several different chiropractors over the years.  While I found temporary relief after treatment, my pain and headaches would always come back a few days after treatment.  I would often feel ill and my headaches would linger for several hours after treatment.  I started seeing Sally about a year ago and noticed immediate relief after the first treatment.  Overtime I have noticed that my treatments last longer and longer.  Sally's treatments are gentle and effective.  I feel relief and I don't feel ill or any pain after treatment.  I am so grateful for Sally! ”

Lori N.

“Sally has changed my life.  I suffer from scoliosis and have had back pain as long as I remember.  My back had a protruding lump on the right side.  With the use of counterstrain, Sally has made it possible for me to live pain free.  I have tried other holistic methods but only Sally has corrected my back and the lump on my back is gone!"

Ann Stacey

“From my first visit to Sally many years ago and it has been life changing! This therapy technique has wide ranging effects from acute pain relief to increased flexibility to overall wellness. I visit both Sally and Rachel and have recommended them to many family and friends who have become repeat clients.”

Hayley Feste

“I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for Sally and her profession.  I would not feel as great as I do if it was not for her! When I began Counterstain, it was because nothing else was working for me.

Deep down, I knew I had not sustained any injuries that would warrant the pain I was in, and she was my last hope. After several visits, I felt my body changing for the better. I am in awe of how the body works & can heal with the proper treatment.The simplicity of the therapy and the results are absolutely amazing!!

My favorite, besides my body not being in constant pain, was my blood work results, changing for the better after 1 year of counterstain therapy.I do not know what I would do without Sally, not only has she helped my body—she has also helped my mind and spirit!”

Marcia B.

“I had been sick with a sinus infection for almost four weeks. I had gone through two rounds of antibiotics with no change in my symptoms. I was battling constant sinus headaches and total blockage in my sinuses. I went to Bethany, and after one fascial counterstrain treatment, I felt some relief. Three days later, I was totally clear from my congestion and no more headaches. This gentle treatment really works!”

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